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Atelier: via P.Pasolini, 8
42023 Cadelbosco di Sopra (RE) Italy
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Andreas McMuller
Born in Verona in December 1966


First photo taken: 1972 with the family Rolleiflex.
As a child he received the imprints that still characterize him: the proud precision of his Austrian grandmother, the jovial joy of Pugliese life, the creativity of the Veronese mother and the ability to grasp the beauty everywhere, typical of the South Tyrolean aunt who formed him with his sweet example.


First serious photo taken: 1991 with Nikon F3 inherited
Although "forced" to photograph the ceremonies of friends and relatives, (and for catalogs, guides and websites of the companies for which he worked), McMuller has taken mainly for pleasure until 2011.

First artistic photo taken: May 2012.
At the Genoese exhibition "From Gauguin to van Gogh", Andreas is struck by an off-topic painting by Monet, which shows him how a well-made image can emotionally affect the human soul, excite and inspire.
This episode dramatically raises the bar for McMuller and causes both the dissatisfaction with the shots so far achieved and the start of his artistic career.
It is a perpetual journey that Andreas travels with the joyful, boundless curiosity of his inner child and with the systematic dedication of the adult, but above all it is a journey made of study, research and experimentation, following which he has created important works ever growing artistic and technical, whose value is recognized in the awards received at national and international art events to which it is now invited.
CRITIQUE (extracts)

Prof. D'Atanasio Professor of History of Art:


[...] Andreas' works are not only images and representations of a feminine that expresses unspeakable beauty, each of his works becomes rather the genesis of a research that continues, continues beyond the figure. What he wants to represent is a sort of gap, a bridge that connects the image to the imagined figure. Each of his works has the strength of a real evocation in him.

All the images that Andreas studies, publishes and exhibits lead the observer to get lost in space and it is precisely in this bewilderment that one has the possibility of rediscovering a new rationality. It is the Neoplatonic essence that constituted the Aesthetics of Buonarroti. After disorienting us his figures lead us to an island, they allow us a landing just in that form in which Aphrodite found manifestation. Each of his works is the search for that feminine, essence of the goddess who from the original Chaos, from the primeval black, created the Cosmos, the Summa Beauty.

[...] Only the artist knows and can create a new balance from what is in opposition and in conflict. The contrast in the art of Andreas McMuller becomes harmony, melody, grace and opens the way for a space in which the observer gets lost, rediscovers the taste of being moved, of feeling, sinking in that unique, infinite sea that allows find himself.

Master Franco Bulfarini, Artist and Critic and Curator:

[...] In McMuller the moods dictate the moment of the shot, which will make the invisible visible.

If the naturalistic data is undoubtedly important for Andreas, then I get the shots of one of his virtual galleries: the McWhite gallery (McBlack corrected n.y.) and here I find extraordinary images of female nudes, such as Candore, Hills and Triangulations.

They are shots that give the images purity and whiteness, like sculptures by Canova, they have a unique charm that is originality.

[...] Reality is always bivalent: surface datum and inner datum, objective element and subjective reference, whose joining produces a new reality, which we were not given to know and that talented artists like Andreas McMuller can grasp and convey .


Francesca Dr. Boncompagni, critic and art historian:


[...] When he puts the lens on the female body Andreas, in each photo, with acute sensitivity, he overcomes the obvious appearance that the sensuality of the flesh gives him. His shots do not pretend to immortalize the fairer sex, in order to show the attractive and palpitating side of mere eroticism. The objective returns images of women, in their authentic beauty and intimacy. Harmony and elegance of forms, where the visible, is only the pretext to delve into the deep sense of things. Black, if seen in its essence, allows us to go beyond darkness, beyond the indefinite, beyond the void.

Visual masterpieces where the artist, with spontaneity, succeeds in capturing and seducing the mind and the heart of the observer.




An Aesthetic Wave that improves people's lives and inspires them, bringing before them the infinite beauty of Creation.


AIMS (sub-goals)

1- an artist in perpetual evolution that, through study and experimentation, creates images of superior aesthetic level and concretizes them in his Italian atelier in the form of registered and certified works of art;

2- a small international elite of museums, auction houses and galleries that qualifies the artist and finances the activity by exhibiting and selling the rare specimens of the reference works (MC);

3- a site that carries out the aforementioned goal spreading the other works of McMuller - Elite series (E), Vip (V) and Litografie - to the wide public, helping to save the world with the Beauty of its images.



Each product must be of a superior level, both in terms of the image produced and the quality of the materials used, in compliance with the standard: "If it could have been done better, it is not a McMuller."



Pictures of great aesthetic value, lithographs and objects of art, which reproduce, enhance and spread the beauty of the planet in which we live and its inhabitants.

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